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IT Contractors are part of a growing workforce trend independently employed IT Contractors.

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As a freelancer you will be only too aware that you don't have the safety net of an employer to fall back on.

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Contractor Insurance

Looking for great contractor insurance? Freelancers, contractors and self-employed individuals: find your contractor insurance right here. Five flexible policies offered by professional-indemnity-insurance market leaders.

It's a fact: mistakes happen. The most diligent and experienced contractors miss deadlines, overlook vital tasks and cause damage to clients' businesses. And if your client needs financial compensation, guess who foots the bill? You do. Without contractor insurance, a simple human error could end up costing you your business, home and professional reputation.

For true peace of mind, freelancers need tailored insurance policies: bespoke contractor insurance that doesn't over-insure, yet covers essential legal expenses and pays compensation to clients if necessary. That's why our instant contractor insurance is designed to suit the unique needs of freelancers, contractors and self-employed people. Our five custom-designed contractor insurance policies cover freelancers against losing client data or documents, breaching confidentiality, slander and libel. What about negligence on duty, infringing client intellectual property rights and director or employee dishonestly? It's all covered.

And because our contractor insurance is uniquely designed for freelancers, we offer:

  • Low excesses, with a maximum excess of 500, depending on your policy
  • Pro-rate policy refunds if you cancel before your policy ends
  • Inclusive cover for sub-contractors
  • Free retroactive cover - you'll be instantly insured for work carried out prior to purchasing your insurance policy
  • Legal costs cover, even if an unfounded claim is brought against you

Your comprehensive, instant contractor insurance is available right here, right now. Choose from five contractor insurance policies, each offering different levels of professional indemnity - up to 2 million. Policies start from as little as 165 per year and can be set up in a matter of minutes.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch and get your contractor insurance here today.

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