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IT Contractors are part of a growing workforce trend independently employed IT Contractors.

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As a freelancer you will be only too aware that you don't have the safety net of an employer to fall back on.

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IR35 Insurance Cover

Freelancers are now a target for HM Revenue & Customs random tax inspections - which could end up costing you thousands. Protect yourself with IR35 insurance cover.

Calculating tax and filing returns is complicated. Tax legislation changes each year, VAT has recently been reduced and even taking your books to an accountant doesn't guarantee an error free tax return. If you're a freelancer without IR35 insurance cover and an error is found, you could end up paying thousands for legal and accountancy representation.

As if this isn't bad enough, HM Revenue & Customs are now carrying out more Full and Random Aspect Enquiries, or 'tax inspections' on freelancers - which is especially worrying if you don't have IR35 insurance cover. Whether your books are in order or not, you should seek an accountant's help during a tax inspection, and without IR35 insurance cover this could mean a hefty bill.

But here's the good news. Purchase our IR35 insurance cover and you can claim up to 100,000 worth of legal or accountancy representation during a tax inspection. With our IR35 insurance cover, you'll also have access to a 24hr helpline so you can discuss IR35 queries and general tax problems all year round.

IR35 insurance cover is available for just 75 per year, and includes:

  • Payment of solicitor's or accountant's fees during Full and Random Aspect Enquiries, VAT disputes, employment disputes and debt collection
  • Property and bodily injury cover
  • Payment of expenses if you're called for jury service
  • Free 24hr helpline

So wave goodbye to tax worries: sign up for your IR35 insurance cover today.

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